Tajweed Intensive

Qirā'at Hafs an Āsim min Tareeq al-Shātibiyyah

Cover all the Tajweed Rules of the most widely read Qira'ah with certified instructors in English!

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Course Texts

This is an English text used by the American Qur'an Institute for students mastering Tajweed written by Ustadha Kareema Czerepinski a student of Shaykh Ayman Swayd. Correct understanding and application of the content within this book is necessary to attain ijaazah in a recitation. Please support her and purchase the books!

Course Resources

A visual illustration of the position of the mouth while articulating all the different Arabic letters! Simply follow the link and enjoy!

  • Pictures from Kitab al-Muneer

  • Compiled by Brother Zakariyah Mansi

Merging - Sheet1.pdf

An overview of the relationship between letters in the Qur'an with respect to merging.


An overview of the different types of prolongations (mudood) and their rulings while reciting.

Course Syllabus

Tajweed Intensive Syllabus.pdf