Hifdh Program

Reciting Ijaazah with Sanad

Earn an Ijaazah

An ijaazah indicates that you can recite the Qur'an in a method consistent with how the Prophet ﷺ recited the Qur'an. This certification stems from a sanad, in which each sheikh's reading of the Qur'an has been certified by their teacher linking all the way to the Prophet ﷺ.

The American Qur'an Institute has developed an Ijaazah program for people looking to advance their qira'a to the highest level. This program is completed online using video/audio communication technology or onsite. We have developed three tiers for students:

      • Tajweed Essentials: practicing and learning the rules of tajweed

      • Advanced Tilawah: reading the entire Qur'an to attain an ijaazah for successful implementation of the rules of tajweed

      • Advanced Hifdh: reciting the entire Qur'an from memory to attain an ijaazah with sanad from Sheikh Abu Salman

Please send an email to info@masjidsaad.com if you are interest in attaining a reciting ijaazah from the American Qur'an Institute. Jazak'Allahu khayran!

Course Structure

  • Description: A course to attain a reciting ijaazah--license that one can recite the Qur’an from memory as the Prophet ﷺ recited it. Emphasis will be placed on knowledge and application of the rules of tajweed while reciting the entire Qur’an.

  • Objectives: Applying tajweed rules while reading

    • Earn reciting ijazah with sanad after reciting entire Qur’an from memory to teacher

  • Students: Men and women who have successfully passed the Advanced Tilawah program or have already memorized the Qur’an with tajweed

  • Expectations

    • Recite entire Qur’an from memory to teacher in specific recitation (qira’ah)

    • Pass written exam

    • Teach in Tajweed program after passing written exam on tajweed rules

  • Logistics

    • Instructor: Shaykh Abu Salman

    • Location: Online and Onsite (All classes are held at Masjid Saad)

    • Timings: Personalized